Would you like to experience more LOVE in your life?

This is a RARE opportunity to receive ONE WHOLE WEEK of Distant Healing that has been programmed to release blockages around LOVE!

What are Love Blockages and why should you clear them?

Blockages are present in all areas of your life. This special offer of distant healing is designed around releasing blockages around love…Self Love!
Self Love blockages can impact your life on many levels. When living in a space of lack it will influence you across all areas of your life such as relationships, career, finances, health, spirit, life’s purpose and much, much more.
When blocked, your negative programming and limiting subconscious beliefs are what lead your life!
They are buried deep below the surface and despite all the action that you take, your negative vibrations beneath the surface are what create the life you lead!
Have you ever experienced that there are certain patterns in life that you cannot break? No matter what you do, your life always plays out the same way?
You enter into the same types of relationships and find that they turn into toxic, unsupportive ones. You are not able to progress up the ladder in your career and be successful or create your own business. You attract the same types of people and experiences. You keep experiencing financial lack. You are drained, eat unhealthily and cannot find the motivation to improve your health. These are some of the effects. Although there are more…
Everything that you attract to you is NO accident. Your Soul is bringing forth to you what you vibrate energetically.
And these blockages run very deeply within your psyche so that it is easy to not realise what is actually leading your life.
In order to change your energy, you must release and clear the blockages. You must acknowledge what lies within, and you must take the steps to change your current beliefs and programming. Beliefs you didn’t even realise you were carrying. And most importantly…you MUST WANT TO HEAL!

– Live a more empowered life that inspires you every day…
– Experience fulfilling relationships – on all levels…
– Attract abundance in all areas of your life…and keep it!
– Feel supported, have confidence, feel secure…and all because YOU created it!
– Create an inner power, inner strength and courage…
– Get back on track with your health…
– Be clear about what your life’s purpose is and live your dream life…
– Create anything in life that you desire because you know you can!

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

– Feeling unloved, unsupported, unworthy…
– Not being able to overcome or face your fears because you are too afraid…
– Self doubt, being off purpose, insecurity and lack of confidence…
– Feeling uninspired to make changes in your life because it is too overwhelming…
– Lack of direction…
– A closed heart and fear of trusting in life and other people..
– Low energy, bad health and lack of inspiration to make any changes…

If you also answered YES to any of the above, then it is time to make changes!

How much longer can you live in PAIN!

Love blockages can be released easily and you can step into your OWN POWER!

You already have this power within you. You have just lost the connection. And all that is required is a re-connection to your Self!

If you have been looking for more, this is it! You can HAVE more! You can BE more! You ARE more!

How does the healing energy work?

The healing energy is an intelligent energy. It has been programmed prior for those souls who want to heal. All that is required from you is to say YES to healing, and the energy will take effect.

Each individual will experience the healing differently. It will be a unique experience for every person. You will release what you need to release at the time that you are ready to let go of it.

Depending on each person’s sensitivities, you may or may not feel the healing working through you. That is ok. For it is definitely working and you just need to be present and carry on with what you normally do.

Over time, you will see subtle shifts within you, where you either notice right away, or perhaps it may take a little more time into the future of when you received the healing.

Some may experience body aches and pains, random old thoughts from the past, negative fears and beliefs popping up. You are just detoxing these old subconscious beliefs and they seem very real to you. Just be present, acknowledge them, feel them and know that they are leaving you.

Throughout this whole period of healing here, you are encouraged to exercise FREE WILL! This healing is a guide and assists you to shift blockages in your life, but ultimately you are the driver of your life. You must take responsibility and you are the catalyst for change!

Will I be able to shift all of my blockages in one session?

No. Definitely not! All blockages come in layers, just like an onion. Once you peel one layer, see what that is, make changes to your life and move forward, there underneath is another layer for you to deal with.

That is what life is like really. A complex layer of experiences, emotions, traumas and triumphs.

Once you commit to healing yourself, in whatever way that may be, then you will experience magic. You will experience opportunities to heal, the right people to help you heal, the right information and all that you require.

But first and foremost, you must take responsibility for yourself, your actions, your thoughts and how you live your life. It is all well and good if you say that the healing did not work, if you carried on the same way and made no attempt to make any changes. It is ultimately up to YOU to create change. This healing begins the process for you to want to heal and release layers of what holds you back. The rest is up to you! And free will.